Volunteers4Humanity - MISSION TO UGANDA - Visala, CA
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During August 13-23, 2015 our medical team traveled to Uganda to provide free medical and dental care.  This medical mission was particularly gratifying due to logistical challenges we faced.  Before making our overseas trek, we were provided with a “Wishlist” by the area organizations we would ultimately reach. 
I.    Mulago Hospital desired medical devices for gallbladder surgeries.
II.    Lira Hospital wanted to assistance in the department of dentistry and to help formulate a plan so that Lira Hospital could upgrade various medical Surgery, Nursing, and building a new Outpatient/Teaching Center.
III.    The orphanages needed the necessities.

                                      Mulago Hospital

After we arrived in Entebbe, we were met by Dr. William.  Dr. William works in the GI department of Mulago Hospital. With almost 2000 beds, Mulago Hospital is both the largest medical facility and the central referral hospital for Uganda.   He was extremely thankful for the medical devices.  He further stated that his hospital had begun to perform laparoscopic surgery and would like to request additional training and laparoscopic equipment.  The medical devices were donated by Tulare Regional Medical Center and the laparoscopic equipment via Ethicon. 

From Kampala, we were escorted to Lira Regional Referral Hospital.  Lira Hospital, located in Northern Uganda, is the de facto trauma center for the area.  We had previously provided medical care to Lira Hospital in 2013, thus were extremely excited about revisiting our friends.   The Medical Director, Dr, James, made us feel at home.  Our volunteer dentist, Dr. Malcolm Walters, was eager to start treating patients while the rest of the medical team was dispersed throughout the medical complex. 

The team consulted with the hospital's staff on several patients and had the opportunity to spend time teaching. The struggle for life was never more apparent to our volunteers after witnessing deaths from medical conditions that could have been readily treatable in the "developed world".  At Lira Hospital, we also provided medical and “domestic” supplies. Most of the donated supplies were contributed by Tulare Regional Medical Center, Bryson Cancer Center, Kaweah Delta Medical Center, and Community Medical Center.  

After leaving Lira, we were driven through Murchison National Park on our way to Kampala.  The National Park has an abundance of wildlife and is famous for its majestic waterfall.

                                         Murchison National Park
The Falls or Uganda.
Upon arriving in Kampala, we were met by the representatives of one Uganda's newest orphanages.  This assemblage of organizations seemed fitting since Volunteers4Humanity is also one of the newest nonprofits in America. 

Known collectively as MAYCAP,  the orphanages reside within the cities of Masaka and Buyikwe.  MAYCAP provides shelter, housing, nutrition, education and supplies, clothing, mentors and general care for the ragamuffin children.  The Directors of MAYCAP received numerous boxes of both purchased and donated supplies for the children.   

One of our volunteers was escorted to the Buyikwe village so that she could witness the problems associated with both establishing and maintaining a civil project of this magnitude in a third world area.       This was a fantastic opportunity for our volunteer to speak directly with the orphaned children.  Needless to say, plans are underway to provide further assistance shortly.  
If you desire to help, please follow this link or email us. Volunteers are always welcomed to join our team on our medical missions abroad.

                    Donated supplies for the children at the orphanage

Volunteers4Humanitywould like to thank everyone for their gracious support and goodwill.  Truly this medical mission would not have occurred without the volunteers, donations, and sponsors.